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Lux Cupri Desk Set, a Sertodo and Trophyology Collaboration

We are very excited to introduce our newest collaboration with Eva Schone of Trophyology, the Lux Cupri Desk Set! On the busiest of days, the days when we forget to breathe deeply, smile broadly, and feel peaceful and inspired, Lux Cupri wants to offer a moment of tranquility and calm, a spark of inspiration, and a place for visual harmony.In addition, we strive to pass on the passion and care that went into creating and crafting Lux Cupri. Lux Cupri was designed deliberately and crafted meticulously with the intention to convey a sense of joy, value, and timeless elegance. Many hands and minds touched this design and we would be thrilled if this beloved piece helps you write a chapter in your story. Most of all, we hope for it to be a charming ambassador of your sincere sentiments… appreciation, love, recognition, support, encouragement… and that you’ll find the piece to be worth giving and worth keeping.  HANDCRAFTED - Intentionally designed and expertly crafted, each element is hand-fabricated to enhance the unique natural beauty of exceptional materials. HEIRLOOM - More than the sum of its fundamental parts, Lux Cupri is a thoughtful, timelessly elegant design that’s worth giving—and worth keeping. INSPIRATION - Bring grounding tranquility to even the busiest desk, and set a relaxed and imaginative tone for extraordinary accomplishment : yours.   RECYCLED COPPER - Produced in collaboration with the master copper artisans of Sertodo, this historically meaningful metal finds new life offering warmth and reflection. Over time, each piece develops a beautiful patina alluding to transformation, wisdom, and accomplishment. SOLID WALNUT - This classic hardwood is treasured for its rich warm grain. Each piece is sustainably grown in North America, expertly worked, and oiled to a natural silky finish. No two grain patterns are identical, so every piece is a truly unique work of art. EBONIZED HARDWOOD -Carved from solid hardwood and finished with ebony stain, this tactile sphere is a treat for body and mind. Often used to increase hand dexterity, improve brain function, and reduce stress, this piece is simply a delight to hold.   From the designer:  When I left Germany and moved across the ocean to the United States more than 20 years ago, I brought only a few heirlooms with me: two ornate wooden keepsake boxes, one minimalist copper vessel that had developed a beautiful patina over decades, and a handmade pottery tea set my mom especially adored. These are the pieces that represented home, and I am grateful for these physical mementos of my family and lineage.   Now I live and design in Austin, Texas, and am continuously inspired by my German heritage of design and craftsmanship. My work is also informed by my travels, and my career as an architect. I’ve been especially influenced by Japanese design principles, which emphasize grace, tranquility, usefulness, and the natural state of materials.   I take great joy in being surrounded by beautiful, meaningful objects, old and new, and I believe that this joy and appreciation contributes every day to my work and accomplishments. Thank you for taking this time to meet Lux Cupri. I hope this piece brings inspiration to your desk and, truly, to your life. — Eva Schone