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The Whole Copper Kitchen Caboodle

7-piece, heavy gauge, pure Copper Kitchen Cookware Set. Bring the red Ferrari of cookware into your kitchen, and drive it every day.

From stovetop to tabletop to hanging on the rack, oohhs will be ahhed and tastebuds will salivate before the first bite with copper in the kitchen.  Amazing control, minimal preheating, uniform temperature throughout the surface, chefs prize much more than the beauty of copper.  These are the standards of excellence and elegance that keep copper cookware at the pinnacle for professionals, connoisseurs and people who like shiny things.

  • 7-quart Dutch Oven with lid (10x5)
  • 3-quart Saute Pan with lid (10x3)
  • 1.5-quart Sauce Pot (6x3.5)
  • 10-inch Skillet
  • Solid Copper, heavy gauge 2mm with traditional tin interior for the best performance